During the first years of a child’s life, an important set of cognitive skills known as problem-solving abilities are developed. These skills are used throughout childhood and into adulthood.

Preschool is the best time for a child to learn to problem solve in a fun way.

To know how to develop these skills, read on:


  1. Encourage creative play

Remember wooden blocks?

How about building a fort from available material? Kids of all ages learn most in the context of play. Make sure their play involves enough challenge and requires imagination. Eventually, problem-solving becomes its own reward.


  1. Don’t be a “Helicopter Parent”

Give your child some space. Whatever age your kids are, allow them to make mistakes and teach them how to move forward.


  1. Routinely ask your kids for help

 Make sure the children understand that you respect their capacity to solve problems. Practice brainstorming as a family. You’d be surprised at how creative they can be.


  1. Provide multiple potential solutions

Whenever it is possible, facilitate decision making. Keep the ball rolling by making sure your kids don’t routinely avoid making tough choices because you automatically issue a default solution that’s nonnegotiable.


Do follow these and very soon you will see your child solving big and small problems on their own.