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Why do Calendars have to be boring?

  • "What Shall I be" has become my favorite gifting option for small children. I love the personalization effect, the different career options a child is introduced to and the overall quality of the book. All the kids I have gifted this book to have been very thrilled to see a book with their picture on it. Wishing the entire team much success!

    -Neetu Mathew

  • I have been remiss in my acknowledgment. THANK YOU for the book What will Saksham be.
    My child just turned one and only upon his seeing this book we realized that he recognizes himself. Everytime he opens the book he feels shy and happy😀
    The pages are perfect for an infant to turn, the picture quality good and the words nice. Thank you for the good product and service and wish you the best.

    -Shubha Jaggi

  • I’d contacted them when I wanted personalised returns for my son’s bday. The books were very highly appreciated by all the mommies. The quality of the book and printing is great and so is the little story that they put together for each child which is apt for their age and understanding. My children always enjoy all the books from them! Highly recommend them and their fabulous work!!
    -Neha Shah

  • I ordered 2 books from make me hero for both my kids. The profession book for my son, which was excellent and festivals book for my daughter. Thank you guys for making such fun and educational books. My kids and I love it.

  • This is not usually what i do, but your wonderful wonderful product (emotion) compelled me to send you a thank you note. I have recently purchased a "what what shall I be " book from you for my boy Riyaansh and when I opened up the parcel I got so sooooo happy to see the final product l,I showed it to everyone at home even to my lil baby and everyone was so happy to see what you guys have created .All we could do is spend money to buy something but what you are giving is much more than this ,it's an emotion and memory..I thank you will all my heart for making our baby special by creating a wonderful book for him...

    Once again thank you ❤️ Love Riyaansh's Mumma

  • Gave these books as a return gift for my daughter's 3rd birthday. Everyone loved the books. My daughter reads it very fondly everyday. Such an interesting way to teach them the spelling of their name, phonics and recognizing alphabets. Will highly recommend these books.

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Why Personalized Books?

When you transform a child into the hero of their own story, it boosts their confidence and makes them believe they can do anything they set their minds on. Seeing their name in the book engages them more with reading and gives YOU the opportunity of making them a reader for life!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Personalized Books?

We believe personalized books have a powerful role to play in the lives of kids. When you transform a child into the hero of their own story it boosts their confidence and makes them believe they belong to the world of books. It thus gives you the opportunity of making the child a reader for life!

Are Personalized Books better?

Imagine your child having two kinds of books – one which has a story and some characters; and the other which has a story, but where he himself is the main character or the “hero” of the story. The second kind of books is bound to make your child feel special and enthusiastic about the book. This difference is what we provide through our personalized books.

How can I make a personalized book for my child?

We have a wide collection of personalized books for ages 0 to 10. All you need to create a book is the child's name, a dedication message (as these books are for keepsake) and the child's pictures.

What kind of pictures should I upload?

We need atleast 3 pictures of the child. For best results, (1) child must be facing the camera; (2) the image must be clear (not blurry, grainy, or fuzzy); (3) child should be smiling.

If you are confused which pictures to upload, you can mail us a few more and our team will select the most appropriate ones. (info.makemehero@gmail.com)

How many days will it take to ship this book?

We want to put in our best efforts in creating each & every book, and hence we might take a little more time. We normally take a maximum 5-7 days to despatch a book.

What paper do you use for the book?

We believe personalized books are for keepsake. Hence, to ensure longevity, all our books are hard bound and made using thick paper. Furthermore, all pages of the book are laminated.

How do I contact you?
You can reach our Customer Support team by writing at: info.makemehero@gmail.com

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