Why do kids love personalized books

Why Personalized Books?

We believe personalized books have a powerful role to play in the lives of kids. When you transform a child into the hero of their own story it boosts their confidence and makes them believe they belong to the world of books. It thus gives you the opportunity of making the child a reader for life!

Are Personalized Books better?

Imagine your child having two kinds of books – one which has a story and some characters; and the other which has a story, but where he himself is the main character or the “hero” of the story. The second kind of books is bound to make your child feel special and enthusiastic about the book. This difference is what we provide through our personalized books.

Here are 5 Reasons why personalized books are a MUST for your child:
1. Science has claimed that a child recognizes his name faster than any other word he is exposed to at a young age. Therefore, a book that includes his name will be much more meaningful for him. 
2. Such books are a great way to help your child achieve a high level of self-esteem inculcate values as he feels as though the whole world knows about his achievements. 
3. Kids love to see their name & picture in print, and such books may ignite a life-long passion for reading
4. Through such books, adults effectively convey the message that the kids are loved and are special. 
5. Personalized books are for keepsake, treasured for life.