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The perfect birthday story

The perfect birthday story

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It's Mishka's birthday, and she cannot wait to celebrate! Her friends Whiskers, Woofy and Jumbo surprise her with many gifts, but they have a very special, magical surprise in store for her! What is this magical surprise that only pops out of a rainbow and how does Mishka end up having the biggest ever birthday bash? 
Join Mishka and friends on this exhilarating birthday adventure as they fly through the clouds, dive into chocolate rivers and bite into giant cupcakes!

Made with child's pictures on every page of the book!

Age: 1-6 years

Gender: Boys & Girls

Photo specifications (For best results) :
-Child must be facing the camera.
-The photo must be a clear image (not blurry, grainy, or fuzzy).
-Give a smiling picture.

Please feel free to mail more images at

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Neeta Neeta

It is a really memorable gift to kids👌I am so satisfied👍 thank you 🙏

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